What does Jacaranda mean?

Word Type : n.

A genus of bignoniaceous Brazilian trees with showy trumpet-shaped flowers.

Example Sentence

  • Some of the jacarandas and plane trees that used to line the streets of the suburb still exist in the grounds of the Technikon, together with a row of charming houses in Louise Street on the campus.
  • The Plaza, with its canopy of acacias, jacarandas and monkey-puzzles offers an oasis of calm from both the traffic noise and soaring heat of midday
  • Many have abundant gardens, with brilliant red poppies, orange marigolds, blue flax, pink clematis and jacaranda , and large cypress and eucalyptus trees.
  • The lavender-blue clusters of the jacaranda are seen in the Zone 9 gardens here, but this tree is fully hardy in Zone 10.
  • The focal point of the park is the now defunct fountain, surrounded by conifers, oaks, planes, jacarandas , and tipiana trees dropping their yellow blossoms.

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