About Terms Dictionary

TermsDictionary: Here is the one-stop answer for your search for All Terms Dictionary. TermsDictionary is a world’s leading online source for abbreviations, acronyms, initialisms, and similar classes. Each and every entry in our database is presented in a well-structured format which makes it easy for the users to understand. In fact, we are the first in the world that defined a structured representation format for abbreviations and similar classes. Users can suggest new entries to our database. The suggested entries will be added to our database only after a thorough reviewing process.

There are a number of websites that have a large and searchable database of abbreviations but many a time users get confused owing to multiple search results which make the search more ambiguous. This is why we realized the need for a platform which gives prime importance to refined search results. TermsDictionary is aimed at giving accurate and refined results for your search for full forms. The content is categorized systematically which will help the users to save time in finding what exactly they are looking for. Another unique feature of TermsDictionary is the feature by which users can see the country or the region where the full form they are searching for is most popular, thereby making them a step closer to finding the exact full form. TermsDictionary mission is to make accurate information universally available and deliver value to the user.

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